Secondary Packaging & Robotic Solutions

Delta Robot Unit Tlmp

Delta Robot ``TLMP`` Feeding System

The TLMP (Top-Loading MultiPack) system has been developed to feed, by top-loading operations, a Multipack wrapping machine or a horizontal cartoning machine (i.e. feed a continuous motion infeed chain or bucket conveyor).

The system concept is modular, as it can be comprised of several robots, each one handling one incoming flow of products.


  • Receive and collate the products coming from the primary packaging machine
  • Load the continuous-motion infeed of the secondary packaging machine (multipack wrapper or horizontal cartoner) by one or several layers
  • Smart distribution of the infeed in between the different loaders


  1. Frame in painted steel or stainless steel according to user’s needs
  2. Enhanced accessibility to the various parts of the machine
  3. All parts in contact with product are FDA approved