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Delta Robot CT FLEX

Delta Robot CT FLEX

CT FLEX defines all the applications, which includes delta robots grouped in lines or clusters.
The application is mainly used for tray/box/case loading, and the concept is modular to handle any product’s type and production line speed.

The new robot is designed for more efficient use of smart multi-picking tools and will be equipped with a centralized control system to manage picking and placing operations, as well as tray/box/case handling.

The delta robots have a modular composition and structure, allowing all possible vision systems for product recognition (photocells, IR systems, 3D vision).


  • Recognition of the incoming product rows and intelligent distribution of the work on the different delta robots
  • Picking and placing of the products inside tray/box/case
  • Smart handling of the empty and ­filled tray/box/cases


1. Frame in painted steel or stainless steel according to user’s needs
2. Enhanced accessibility to the various parts of the machine
3. All parts in contact with the product are FDA approved.